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Do you love where you live, but need more space?

What Are House Extensions?

Do you love where you live, but need more space? A home extension might be just the solution. To experienced extension builders, home extensions involve more than just adding an extra closet or two. There are many ways the space within your home can be reimagined and the type of extension that is suitable may vary from one home to the next. Different types of home extensions can include:

  • Reconfiguring your current floor plan
  • Opening the house up and extending as a ground floor build
  • Considering building an additional story
  • Lifting and building under
  • Building a separate dwelling such as a granny flat

It is crucial to have experienced home extension builders and building designers as part of the house extensions process to assist you in selecting the ideal type of extension, and to offer suggestions to ensure we are best utilizing the space and maximizing the value of your home extensions plan.

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If you want to know how or if you can increase your property value or what types of home extensions your house could undergo, arrange a consultation with one of our home extensions Ballina experts today.

Are House Extensions Right for You?

If your home is bursting at the seams and you are starting a family or growing your family, you may be faced with a decision – do we renovate and extend, or do we buy or build a bigger home? If you require more space for your family, and love the current position of your home, a home extensions plan is likely the most reasonable option. Speak with one of our trusted home extension builders today to work out the right plan for you.

Did You Know House Extensions Can Add Value to Your Property?

It’s no secret that home extensions add value, especially if you’re considering something like adding in another bedroom. In fact, a well thought out extension can add as much as 20% more to your home’s value, if it offers an aesthetic, functional space that can improve the everyday home life. The Australian housing market is continuing to experience strong growth, so now is the ideal time to introduce added value to your existing property. If you’re not sure if your house extensions will increase your property value, contact Scott and his team of qualified and experienced home extension builders today to arrange a consultation.


Single Storey Home Extensions

Single-story home extensions involve building a dwelling that directly joins to your existing property. Depending on the layout and current design of your home, there are many ways in which this can be done. This is ideal for homes who are situated on a large block with usable land. Most single-story house extensions involve adding a room in front of, or behind your home.

Second Storey Addition

Second-story home extensions involve removing your current roof and constructing the second story on top of the existing foundation. This virtually doubles the space in your home and is a great option, especially if your block is smaller in size and you do not want to lose any of your existing land space.

Granny Flat

Granny flat home extensions involve building either an attached or detached ‘separate dwelling’ which will usually be self-contained with its own bedrooms, living/dining area, kitchen/kitchenette, bathroom and possibly a laundry. Whether a granny flat is a possibility for you will depend on your land size and location, your house extension builders will have an understanding with what is possible for you in your unique space. A granny flat is also an ideal way to optimize your home for introducing a second source of income.

Build Under

There are two possibilities when it comes to building under your existing home. If your home is currently on stumps and is at the right height, you may be able to build-in the space underneath provided this does not affect drainage around your home and fits with council regulations.

If your existing home is on stumps, it may be able to be lifted and then built-in underneath. This is ideal for ‘Queenslander’ style homes and may not be possible for all existing home designs. Your house extension builders will be able to clarify if this is a possibility for you.

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Where to Start?

Scott will work with you to help create the dream home extensions you’ve always wanted, by following a simple three step process that guides the journey toward transforming your home and living the lifestyle that best suits your situation.

01. Concept

Let’s find out about your dream home extensions and discover more about transforming your existing home with an innovative design.

02. Approval

Here our Ballina builders work with you to transform concepts into a working plan, along with all the required documentation and approvals taken care of.

03. Build

It’s time to get started! Careful planning and preparation translates to smooth house renovations with minimal stress. Renovare’s Ballina builders take the worry out of your renovation project.

The Renovation Experts

We are lucky enough at Renovare to have a team of extremely passionate house extension builders and building designers who will not only listen to your visions and ideas, but also assist you in making informed decisions with the possibilities and expectations of your project. Our house extension builders also ensure the process is enjoyable and you are involved and well communicated to while each stage of your exciting dream home is brought to life!

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If you’re ready to start a house extension you owe it yourself to talk with the house extensions experts today!

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